One of our goals is to make the preparation of healthy, delicious meals inexpensive and convenient through education.


Our designers and General Manager have been meeting with the Director of the Nutrition Council and staff from CAIN and OSU Extension to design the layout, determine equipment needs, and discuss plans for programming.


Our teaching kitchen program will be a public facility for these organizations and others such as the Northside Farmer’s Market, Happen Inc., and Working in Neighborhoods to conduct their existing cooking programs as well as programs organized by Apple Street Market and our partners.  Programs will focus on inexpensive, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and easy to prepare meals.


Among our hopes for the program are to have classes that:

  • reflect current culinary trends
  • promote local and seasonal foods
  • make preparing meals at home fun
  • emphasize cultural traditions of the residents of the Ohio River Valley
  • utilize ingredients available at Apple Street Market
  • help customers get the most out of benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and Women, Infants, & Children programs