Less than a week away! Voting for our 3 community board members runs from October 16th- November 13th. We are hosting 19 voting periods and at 5 varying times and locations around Northside:



Nichole Banks

Bio:  Nichole moved to Cincinnati from Portland, Maine over 5 years ago and fell in love with Northside. Since planting her roots here she has volunteered, organized, worked, and lived all over the neighborhood. She now works part time at a couple of restaurants on Hamilton Avenue, the majority of her time being spent with her 3 year old daughter, Mina, and organizing in the community.

Campaign Statement:  As a person who lives and works in Northside and does not own a car, Nichole understands firsthand the need for an affordable, local grocery store. After working at Clifton Market during its opening, she has seen for herself some of the issues involved with opening a co-op, and she strongly believes Apple Street Market will be successful. Nichole has several years of experience doing community organizing, she has been actively involved with the DIY community in Northside, and is a strong advocate for community gardens and free food programs. Nichole hopes she can bring a unique perspective to the project, and hopes to get the younger adults in the community even more involved. She believes the way to make Apple Street Market the most successful is to cater to those who are most affected by the lack of affordable and fresh food in Northside. Those who struggle most, the ones most in need, are the people we must work the hardest for.

Caitlin Burnett

Bio:  I am a recent arrival to Northside, and thrilled to call our neighborhood home. With my Cincinnati-native husband, Barry, I previously lived in Washington, D.C. and I continue to work on human rights and social justice issues as an employee and volunteer of nonprofit organizations dedicated to social change. I spent my childhood in rural Massachusetts, where my experience doing chores on a small, family-owned and run dairy farm and time in 4-H ignited my passion for just, sustainable food systems.

Campaign Statement: I am eager to give back to the neighborhood that has given my family such a warm welcome. I would be honored to serve on the Board as Apple Street Market continues to nurture and grow a needed grocery resource to meet our community’s needs. With 11 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I would bring to the Board skills in marketing and fundraising; a talent for building sustainable budgets and strategic plans; and a knowledge of financial management best practices, particularly related to grant management of private and public funds. If I am not working, you will probably find me cooking up a new vegetarian recipe, tackling a DIY home improvement project, or rehearsing some wonderful music with the Young Professionals Choral Collective of Cincinnati.

Michael Hubbard

Bio:  My name is Michael Hubbard. I am the Director of Follett retail locations at Xavier University. I have been with Follett for 15 years managing large volume retail locations that ranged from textbooks, school clothing, convenience and grocery product and cafes. I am originally from Lafayette, IN and have been in Cincinnati for around 5 years.

Campaign Statement: Northside was the first neighborhood I moved to when relocating to Cincy and a couple of years later was where my wife and I decided to purchase a house. We love the community and I would like to be involved in improving it any way I can. When I saw this opportunity I thought my years of industry experience could be useful. I have also been able to have a solid networking foundation and through my years working in and around higher education have been on numerous committees and fundraising efforts which I believe could be helpful.

Emmeram Morning

Bio:  Emmeram Morning is one of the founders of Robot Morning, a company making software for the aerospace supply chain. He has experience both in managing a business and in working to reach a common goal with many parties who have differing opinions on how to achieve them.

Campaign Statement:  My first reason for wishing to serve on the board is to see a reliable source of groceries in the neighborhood I love. I believe we have the community to support such an enterprise as well as the necessary desire to see it through. I intend to bring my experience in founding and running a successful business to the table.

Pam Reike

Bio:  Pam has lived in Cincinnati her whole life, most of it on the west side. She has over 15 years of experience working with adults with disabilities. Pam is very active in the community and has experience serving on non-profit Boards such as the Boards of Melodic Connections and Family Promise NKY.

Campaign Statement:  Pam has a passion for local healthy food access for everyone that began with her volunteer work at Our Harvest cooperative. She still volunteers at Harvest Day with WIN. Her expertise includes advocacy, fundraising and experience on working Boards. She looks forward to helping Apple Street Market become a reality.