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Volunteers accomplish 90% of the work that gets done (and there is always more to do). So, whether you’re interested in throwing a party to recruit new owners, canvassing, staffing an informational at an event, joining in Northside’s 4th of July Parade (we had lots of fun), or writing content for the website, there are lots of fun ways to get involved. Follow the links below to learn more:

Volunteer Meeting

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7pm at

Happen Inc.
4201 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Share your expertise and enthusiasm!

Join a committee: Events, Fundraising, PR/Marketing, and Outreach

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Events:

  • Annual Meeting (August 15th)
    • July 18th – Phone banking
    • July 21st – Phone banking
  • Bingo Fundraiser (November ???)

Volunteer as much or as little as you’d like, we appreciate the help!

Host a house party

Have some fun while making Apple Street Market a reality! Throw a party. Whether you want to grill out in your backyard or have some neighbors over for a few drinks, hosting a house party is a great way to get your neighbors involved as owners, loaners, donors or volunteers.

Call Heather Sturgill at (513) 818-2328 or email, and we can provide you with information, ownership contracts, a knowledgeable volunteer to assist you at the party or any other help you might need.


Canvass alongside other volunteers in your neighborhood. It’s more fun that it sounds!

We work in teams and talk to our neighbors about the market. It only takes a couple hours and then we go somewhere for refreshments. Check out our canvassing dates on the calendar!