Apple Street Market has a chance to come to life in the best location in the neighborhood, as part of the triangle at Hamilton & Blue Rock PLK development. Some things to know: 

*Northsiders have expressed a strong desire for an affordable grocery 

*Finding a location where a grocery store can be successful is tough

*The Triangle (Hamilton & Blue Rock) is the only location available in the foreseeable future 

*AWG (the grocery experts & our wholesaler) says a store at the Triangle would provide very healthy weekly sales as long as we have 10K square feet, 30 dedicated parking spots, and space for the delivery truck.  


Making that happen won’t be easy. But it is possible with community support. We need PLK to understand that including Apple Street Market is the community’s priority, and we need time and support for fundraising.   


YOU can help: 

  1. Attend the online Community Council Meeting Monday (Dec 21) where PLK is presenting their plans. Share your comments in the chat: Let them know you want Apple Street Market to be a part of the Triangle parcel. (check your email for Apple Street Market’s e-newsletter for the link)
  2. Sign the letter asking PLK to help bring this to life by either 1) moving forward with Cherry and Cooper Development first, so Apple Street can have more time to fundraise, or 2) if PLK really wants to move the Triangle quickly, they could help us fundraise. 
  3. Spread the word and become a volunteer. If you’d like to help bring Apple Street Market to Northside email or call (513) 818-2328.

A worker-and community owned affordable grocery benefits Northsiders and PLK’s current and future residents.

Proposed layout of Apple Street Market buildings and parking on the triangle property at corner of Hamilton Ave. & Blue Rock Street