The Take-a-Pie Challenge is a campaign to help raise general awareness about the lack of fresh healthy food access that many in this country face due to a lack of local neighborhood grocery stores (commonly called food deserts).

But, more specifically we are raising funds and awareness about Apple Street Market. The 1st in a chain of neighborhood sized, neighborhood located worker and community owned full-service grocery stores.

Here’s what we’re asking:

1. Record yourself saying one of the phrases below, then get a pie in the face (whipped cream in a pie pan, “Three Stooges” style). Tag the Apple Street Market on Facebook, and #pieface and @AppleStreetCoop on Twitter and Instagram.
a. “Food access matters”
b. “Neighborhood groceries are important”

2. Pledge one of three things:
a. Buy a share!
b. Donate any dollar amount to the market (through our fiscal agent CUCI)
c. Volunteer some time
(Join us Mondays at 7pm for event planning or Wednesdays at 7pm for a general meeting. Both are at Happen Inc., 4201            Hamilton Ave.)

3. Challenge someone else to make a pledge and take a pie (this is where things get really fun)! Be sure to include their name in your social posts.

For more info on Apple Street Market visit