Save the Date

Happy New Years to all our community owners and supporters!  I received many responses to my last post, and many of them asked  “How close are we to getting a full service grocery store in Northside?”

Well, as we’ve gotten closer to breaking ground we’ve learned a lot more about what it will cost to re-open 4145 Apple Street, and I expect us to learn even more in the coming weeks.  Before I share some of what I’ve learned since my last post I should note that new information is coming in every week as subcontractor bids are submitted for review and we receive replies to our grant applications and what I write below will soon be out of date…

So I invite everyone to save the date and time for Apple Street’s Annual Community Owner Meeting: Saturday, April 2nd, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM when Apple Street Market’s Board, volunteers, and I will have a full, up-to-date report for everyone.

I urge everyone interested in Apple Street Market to attend, whether you are a community owner or not – in fact, one of my hopes is for as many non-owners to attend and become owners as possible!  So…all you community owners, bring your neighbors and friends who haven’t bought a share yet along with you!

As we’ve learned more about what is involved in re-opening 4145 Apple Street as a full-service grocery store, previously unseen construction issues and changes in the construction environment have come to light.  We have responded to the resulting increase in the cost of developing the site by strategizing with our contractors and designers for ways to reduce costs and pursuing additional sources of financing.

At the same time, the Board and I wanted to make certain we were incorporating the uniqueness of a store that serves the entire community by carrying a mix of value generic, name brand conventional, organic and local artisanal foods.  To that end we commissioned a second study of the site, and the community it serves, to make certain we make the best choices regarding the store’s layout, design, and financial projections.

As we progress on all three fronts:

·      construction & design

·      financing

·     updating market analysis & business plan

I expect to be able to narrow down our opening date to within a 60-day time frame.



Christopher DeAngelis

General Manager, Apple Street Market