Meet the Candidates: Heather Sturgill and Valerie Costello!

Heather Sturgill

I’m Heather Sturgill and I would like to serve on the Board of Apple Street Market Cooperative and to represent the interests of the Community-Owners to the board, and the store’s management team when the store opens.  In my professional life I work to address barriers to community living.  And I see a lack of access to fresh healthy food as a significant barrier to community living.  This is why I have been diligently working to get Apple Street Market Cooperative up and running.

As for leadership experience on governing boards:  Currently, as a recent addition to the Board of Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) I hope to further fair housing and encourage the creation of more economically integrated affordable housing in the region.  As a Board member of the University of Cincinnati University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education (UC UCEDD) I help them create and direct their resources in the areas of education, research and service to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities.  Additionally, I have encouraged citizens to become active in their neighborhood organizations when I served on the Executive Board of Citizens for Civic Renewal.  I was a founding Board member of the Independent Cosmetologists and Barbers’ Association, an organization that protected the professional interests of independent business owners in an industry politically dominated by corporate interests.  I’ve also served on the Northside Community Council and was Chair of the Northside Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update, a project intended to establish the direction of Northside development (economic, housing, recreational and educational) for at least the next 10 years.  And, I would appreciate the opportunity to represent your interests towards the creation and growth of Apple Street Market Cooperative.


Valerie Costello

I have a vested interest in the Northside community and have been an owner since December 2014. I have lived in Northside for 19 years and have been working in the community the last 4 years as a Social Worker. I shop at the local restaurants, shops, farmers market, walk in the parade for both my job and the community  and attend openings of new places, most recently Urban Artifact. I love this community because of the values of neighborhood for all community members w/o discrimination or bias. I bring to the table a true love for Northside, skills in advocacy, ability to interact with all types of people, organizational skills, dedication, commitment and the passion to make Apple Street a reality in Northside.

Looking forward to the day Apple Street opens it’s doors this year.

Come out and Vote: 

Monday, May 18th

6-8:30:  Outside of CAIN

7-9pm:  Northside Community Council

Tuesday, May 19th

7-8pm:  Happen, Inc.

Wednesday, May 20th

4-7pm:  Northside Farmer’s Market