an oval icon with a pointed bottom, in green, usually used to draw attention to a location on a mapWe know people are concerned about the announcement that the Apple Street Market Board is considering locations in College Hill. Just to be clear, the Board would LOVE for a site to be available and ready in Northside. The hard fact of the matter is, that Northside currently does not have any locations that are available/unoccupied AND meet the requirements of AWG (our wholesaler that will guarantee affordable/competitive prices for all economic levels in our neighborhood). We take these requirements very seriously, as they help us determine if a grocery store would be viable/profitable/successful.


However, we have not given up hope in finding a Northside site since NEST, the Northside Community Council, Northside Business Association, and Apple Street are all aligned in wanting to create a store in Northside. We are hoping that there is a chance we can encourage an existing business to relocate. To that end, we are meeting with appropriate individuals to explore ALL options. This is called getting site control, and is certainly not easy, but we would be ecstatic if we can find a way to have Apple Street Market in Northside.


Our next location meeting is on Feb 11 at 7:30pm at Happen. This week is a board meeting at 6pm on Thursday at Toylab. We sincerely invite our passionate owners to take part in the meetings to help us find a suitable location. It is possible some of us may have some helpful connections.


At the previous Location Team meeting, the director of CHURC (College Hill’s redevelopment corporation) came to the meeting to offer two potential sites on Hamilton. They have site control and are willing to help with finances. After the presentation we decided to pursue a two-pronged path. We will try as hard as possible to find a location in Northside during the next three months, which will include a market study of a Northside location with the highest potential (likely currently occupied, but meeting AWG minimum requirements with highest potential of being available); while simultaneously doing a market study for the College Hill location that best meets AWG requirements.


We will have a community owner meeting in May. At that time, we will present our findings to our Community-Owners who will have a chance to vote to either:

  • End the project
  • Continue in Northside, if there is a location that both meets AWG minimum requirements and we can get site control
  • Move the project to College Hill where there is site control and it meets AWG minimum requirements


Not having a walkable grocery store in Northside, which has been the plan all along, would be deeply disappointing. But, creating a thriving neighborhood sized worker and community-owned grocery store in Cincinnati provides a platform of success we can build on.


We really hope something will break free and become available in Northside. Feel free to join us, help us find a way through, at the next Board meeting this week or Location Team meeting next week. We can use all the help we get.


Location Team meeting:  Feb. 11th, 7:30pm at Happen Inc. (4201 Hamilton Ave.)