Volunteer! –Volunteers are always needed to help pamphlet, canvass, plan events, and help out in the different ways that they can. To help pamphlet or canvass please come to the meeting at Happen at 7:00pm to connect with other volunteers. To bring more organization to our event planning efforts Rachelle Caplan is forming an event planning committee that will meet every Monday.

Ask your employer and other businesses to donate – There are multiple ways to donate:  

1) We are offering subsidized Community-Owner shares for those who qualify for Medicaid Expansion so that cooperative ownership will not be limited to those who are high income. We are asking for donations to cover $90 of the $100 share to make ownership an inclusive opportunity. You can make these donations to Churches Active In Northside (CAIN) by writing a check to CAIN for “Subsidized Community-Owners” and mailing it to Apple Street Market, PO Box 24192 Cincinnati, OH, 45224. You can purchase one or more shares to support this effort and your donation is tax deductible.

2) The Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative (CUCI) is behind the Apple Street Market effort by providing expertise, training, and other invaluable help. CUCI needs financial support to continue the campaign and to seek large funding sources. You can donate any amount to CUCI by going to cincinnatiunioncoop.org and your donation is tax deductible.

3) Apple Street Market is holding community building events and fundraisers throughout the campaign. We need support to throw these events through monetary donations, volunteers, food, or raffle prizes. Please contact Casey Whitten-Amadon at (513) 368-9694 to donate and support these events.

Please deliver the following letter to potential donors if you are interested: Donation Request Letter