Why Not Just Create a Small Picnic and Pantry type store?

  • Our mission is to create a full-service grocery with a focus on affordability.
  • In addition, our wholesale supplier (source of products that will keep us competitively priced), Associated Wholesale Grocery (AWG), has requirements about minimum size, parking, and other elements.
  • Small specialty food stores currently exist, or will soon be opening, such as Darou Salam, Francis International Market and, coming soon- Morsel and Nosh.

Who is Associated Wholesale Grocer (AWG) and why are we following their requirements to find a viable location?

  • AWG is our wholesale supplier (they are also a cooperative). We are lucky to be working with them. No other wholesaler could rival the prices of the Save-a-Lot with their value brand.
  • It is crucial that we stay dedicated to our mission to create a grocery that everyone can access. AWG provides a wide range of products at all price points.
  • AWG also provides expertise about what it takes to run a successful, profitable, cooperative grocery store. Therefore, we take their requirements very seriously.

What are the requirements for a viable site for our grocery store?

  • Requirements vary depending on how many people are likely to pass by the store and how many residences are near. Generally, AWG’s minimum size is 10K square feet (most of their stores are larger than 24K).
  • For a 10K square foot store, the minimum parking requirement is 30 spots. An ideal number of spots would be 50 or more.
  • We need adequate access and turn-around space for their 52 ft. delivery truck.
  • The site should be accessible and visible to the public. Bus lines and other transportation are a consideration.

I invested in the store because I wanted a grocery in Northside. Why aren’t you looking only in Northside?

  • The Board would LOVE for a site to be available and ready in Northside. However, Northside currently does not have any locations that are available/unoccupied AND meet the requirements of AWG.
  • We have not given up hope in finding a Northside site since NEST, the Northside Community Council, Northside Business Association, and Apple Street are all aligned in wanting to create a store in Northside. We are hoping that there is a chance we can encourage an existing site owner to lease or sell property to us. We are meeting with appropriate individuals to explore ALL options. (This is called getting site control, and is certainly not easy, but we would be very happy to find a way to have Apple Street Market in Northside.)