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  1. Where has money already raised since 2014 gone?
  2. How much did Apple Street pay professionals for designs for the
    Save-a-Lot site?
  3. How is the fundraising going?
  4. What kinds of vetting of the business plan has occurred?
  5. What kind of analysis of the proposed sites has occurred? Who other than
    AWG has provided vetting and analysis?
  6. Does PLK have to build a grocery store?
  7. What is Apple Street asking PLK?
  8. What would this mean for PLK?
  9. Does the community have power?
  10. What does Apple Street need to be viable on the Triangle site?
  11. What are the challenges to be dealt with on the Triangle site?

General Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a website for the market?
    Yes! www.applestreetmarket.coop
  2. What are the benefits of being an owner?
    You get the personal satisfaction of knowing you helped open an asset to the community, owner sales, patronage dividends (when the store is profitable), and a vote for 3 seats on the board.
  3. How much is a Community Owner share in Apple Street Market Coop?
    You can purchase a share for $100. You can also invest additional equity in the cooperative by purchasing your share for more than $100.
  4. What if I can’t afford $100 but want to buy an ownership share?
    If you qualify for Federal assistance programs (SNAP, free or reduce lunches at public schools, etc.) you can buy a share for a reduced rate of $10.00. You can download the application online and return it to us anywhere paper applications are accepted.
  5. Do I have to live in Cincinnati to become a community owner?
    No, “Community” refers to anyone supporting Apple Street Market.
  6. Can non-owners shop in the store?
    Yes, anyone can shop at Apple Street. However, only owners will reap the benefits listed above.
  7. When will the store open?
    will know more after discussions with PLK/Northside community
  8. Where will the market be located?
    possibly triangle site at corner of Hamilton Ave. & Blue Rock
  9. Will the store be located on a bus line?
    Yes, Apple Street is within 3 blocks of the Northside bus hub serving routes 15x, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23x, 27, and 51.
  10. Can I help someone that can’t afford the $100 ownership-share cost?
    Yes. donations can be made anywhere paper Community Owner applications are accepted or mailed to Apple Street Market C/O Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative, 215 E 14th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
  11. Can I pay for my Community Owner share in installments?
    Yes, you can pay in four installments of $25.00 due every three months.
  12. What will be the store hours?
    To start, Apple Street will be open 7 days a week, 9am-8:30pm.
  13. What will the market sell?
    Apple Street will be a full service grocery, selling price-competitive and local food: fresh produce, dairy, deli meats and cheeses, fresh meat and seafood, frozen food, household paper and cleaning products, baby care items, and beer and wine.
  14. Will Apple Street have a butcher and deli?
    Yes and yes, right next to one another at the back of the store. We will also have a kitchen classroom.
  15. Will Apple Street accept SNAP and Produce Perks?
    Yes and yes.
  16. Will Apple Street accept WIC?
  17. Will the store accept manufacturer’s coupons?
  18. Are there volunteer requirements?
  19. …but can I work in the store if I am a Community Owner and I want to?
    Yes, Community Owners can work in the store as Hands-On Owners (HOO’s). HOO’s help Worker-Owners with day-to-day tasks. HOO’s become better acquainted with what it takes to run the store they own; they also receive a discount in appreciation of their time.Due to the limited number of tasks, not everyone who wants to be a HOO will always be able to participate.
  20. Can I pay on-line?
    Yes, go to applestreetmarket.coop and click “Get Involved” or “Become an owner today.”
  21. What stake does Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative (CUCI) have in Apple Street Market?
    CUCI is the nonprofit organization that’s getting Apple Street up and running. CUCI will hold one seat on the Apple Street Market Cooperative Board of Directors.
  22. Who else is on the board?
    Worker-owners hold 7 seats and community owners hold 3 seats. The workers elect the worker seats and the community elects the community seats.
  23. What is a co-op?
    A cooperative is a business whose purpose is to provide a service instead of profit to its owners.
  24. Where did the governance and principles originate?
    Mondragon, the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative network, including a successful supermarket chain.
  25. Are donations to Apple Street Market tax-deductible?
    No, but Apple Street Market is currently looking for a Non-Profit that can accept tax deductible donations to partner with us.
  26. How many shares can I purchase?
    Only one share for you, but you can buy someone else a share as a gift or invest additional equity in the cooperative by purchasing your share for more than $100.
  27. How often do I purchase an ownership share?
    One time only!
  28. Will there be other locations?
    Northside will be the first location to open, but we hope to be a series of neighborhood groceries that open in areas that traditional corporate chains have abandoned.
  29. What does it mean for Apple Street to be a union co-op?
    We believe today’s challenges offer a historic moment and opportunity to bring the co-operative and labor movements together. As a union co-op, Apple Street is organized to ensure workers have a strong voice in the governance, wages, and working conditions of their store.


In case you’re curious about the laws that govern the market, download the link below!

Bylaws (amended 8/15/2017)

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation (8/15/2017)