Conversation with the Landlord  – Today we had a conversation with the landlord who was impressed with the support from the community. He was impressed by the attendance at the parking lot party as well as impressed by the fact that we are close to 300 owners in 3 months. He wants to keep working with Apple Street in hopes that we can eventually have the funds to have a transaction, whether it be purchasing the building, leasing the building, or potentially a lease-to-own. The transaction that is decided upon will be dependent on funding of course. Our relationship is dependent of course on continued progress and we will need to see progress every month for that relationship to continue. We would like to see Community-Ownerships go over 500 by the end of September. If every Community-Owner can get one more person to join we can easily meet this goal. Please tell your friends and family to support a potential model for resolving the food desert problem.