Exercise your right to vote at the Community-Owner Director Election. We will have a table set up and a ballot box at City Streets Sunday August 24th. Also, we will have a table and a ballot box at either Happen or Cain August 25th from 9-5. Please review the statements from our two fantastic candidates:

Heather Wiggins-Augustine, LEED Green Associate
Faculty, Landscape Horticulture Technologies
Business Technologies Division, Main 330
Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

I am a full time faculty member in the Horticulture Department at Cincinnati State College and teach a variety of courses including those focused in Urban Agriculture. I am interested in becoming a Community-Owner Board Member for several reasons. As the chief creator of the Sustainable Agriculture Management certificate program at Cincinnati State, I am passionate about the need to increase access to healthy and local foods to our communities through education and awareness. Food is a basic need for every individual, and a connection to healthy food is an essential ingredient for a happy, productive life. Also, a long-term outcome will be the increased demand for local food products, and therefore producers, in our region as interest in these types of businesses grow and thrive. I feel that Apple Street Market is a good thing for Northside because the market will increase food options for locals who have struggled with minimal options in the past. It will also become a place for all walks of life to congregate. I think it is important that both high end and standard items will be made available. It will assist in revitalizing the local economy as sustainable jobs are created, and it will ultimately elevate the well-being of the entire community.

Ryan Goellner
University of Cincinnati College of Law
Juris Doctor Candidate, 2015
UC Law Review | Blog Chair | http://uclawreview.org
My name is Ryan Goellner, and I am a third-year law student who lives on Weigold Ave. I have lived in Cincinnati for over 6 years, and I have been a Northsider for over 2 years. I am invested in this community and in the opening of Apple Street Market, and I am eager to contribute to the store’s realization and continued success. As Community Owner Board Member, I would enjoy the challenge of accurately representing our community’s diverse needs, finding out what its members want to see in the store, and helping to make those desires a reality.