source of text in the postPLK is developing three parcels including the triangle property (at the corner of
Hamilton Ave & Blue Rock St) for market-rate housing.

According to grocery experts, Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), and Dakota
Worldwide, the best spot in the neighborhood for an affordable, full-service
grocery store is right there in the triangle site at the corner of Hamilton and Blue
Rock (with 10,000 square feet, 30 parking spaces, and a loading dock).


Please contact (this allows you to reach all City
Council members!) and copy and tell them:

  • PLK needs the city to give them a strip of land for “Right of Access.” That piece
    of property is a key resource right in the middle of the Northside business
    district. In exchange for this critical piece of property, PLK’s project must
    include elements that satisfy community needs like a full-service, affordable
    grocery store (Apple Street Market), and low-income housing.
  • An affordable full-service grocery store at the triangle site would benefit
    neighborhood residents and serve as an attractive amenity for PLK’s 350
    rental units. Making Apple Street Market a partner is a win-win.
  • PLK can create an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Apple
    Street and PLK Communities that would lay out clear benchmarks that Apple
    Street Market would need to meet in order to be incorporated into the
  • PLK should be urged to develop the largest parcel at Cherry and Cooper first,
    giving Apple Street Market the time needed to fundraise.

A P P L E    S T R E E T    M A R K E T    C O O P
I N F O @ A P P L E S T R E E T M A R K E T . C O O P
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