Supporters of Apple Street Market contacted City Council Candidates and current City Council Members with a request to support or sponsor a motion to provide city financing that would put 4145 Apple Street in the hands of NEST community development corporation. This proposal has been vetted and it is the last piece of funding needed to acquire the building for Apple Street Market. The list below are the candidates/current Council Members that responded, “yes”. These candidates support our vision for healthy, accessible food and good jobs in our neighborhoods.

  1. Derek Bauman
  2. Erica L Black-Johnson
  3. Michelle Dillingham
  4. Tonya Dumas
  5. Brian Garry
  6. Lesley Jones
  7. Greg Landsman
  8. Kelli Prather
  9. Laure Quinlivan
  10. Tamaya Dennard
  11. Chris Seelbach
  12. Yvette Simpson
  13. Wendell Young