INITIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Under the bylaws of Apple Street Market Cooperative, there shall be an initial Board of Directors chosen by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative until the membership classes reach capacity. As defined in the bylaws, the Community-Owner class shall reach capacity when one hundred (100) members have vested and the Worker-Owner Class shall reach capacity when seven (7) Worker-Owners have vested. Additionally, there shall be a Founder seat chosen by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative to maintain the unique governance and social values of the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative. However, the Founder shall be prohibited from profiting from Apple Street Market Cooperative except through being a Community-Owner with no special privileges.



K Barker mini  Kristen Barker is a social entrepreneur and the President and Co-Founder of the Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative (CUCI). CUCI creates jobs that are accountable to workers and our communities by developing worker owned businesses based on the Mondragon-United Steel Workers union co-op model. CUCI has launched two co-ops and has five projects in various stages of feasibility/business planning. Prior to working full for the union co-op movement through Mondragon USA, she spent 12 years at the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center fostering faith, labor & community partnerships. She is the mother of a resilient daughter with special needs. She is a lifelong Cincinnati resident (except 2 years in El Salvador) and a Xavier graduate.


STAND-IN DIRECTORS FOR WORKER-OWNERS – In accordance with Apple Street Market Cooperative’s bylaws there shall be Initial Directors who shall be chosen by CUCI until the Worker-Owner classes reach capacity. Capacity is defined as seven (7) worker-owners vested.


Self Pic  Casey Whitten-Amadon is a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio that specializes in Labor Law, Employment Law, and Labor Relations. He is working with CUCI on Apple Street Market Cooperative as the project manager and the Stand-In Director for the Worker-Owner class. Prior to working for CUCI on Apple Street Market he represented employees for the Service Employees International Union Local 1199, worked at the Stepter Law Firm, worked at the Ohio Poverty Law Center, worked at the State Employment Relations Board, and a plethora of other organizing jobs. Casey Whitten-Amadon was born and raised in the College Hill/Northside area before leaving for Kent State University and the Ohio State University for education and work.


photoSteve Wittekind is a Union Representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). He is serving as a grocery consultant and a Stand-In Director for the Worker-Owner class. He represents Kroger employees in contract disputes, contract bargaining, grievance hearing, arbitrations, and many other aspects of employment. Prior to working for UFCW, Steve Wittekind worked for Kroger for three decades including managing the meat department.


Question Mark  The third Worker-Owner Director seat is waiting until the Worker-Owner class reaches capacity, defined as 7 vested Worker-Owners.







Heather Profile pic 1 Heather Wiggins-Augustine is a full time faculty member in the Horticulture Department at Cincinnati State College and teach a variety of courses including those focused in Urban Agriculture. Heather is the chief creator of the Sustainable Agriculture Management certificate program at Cincinnati State, she is passionate about the need to increase access to healthy and local foods to our communities through education and awareness. Heather is passionate about creating a long-term outcome that will be the increased demand for local food products, and therefore producers, in the local region as interest in these types of businesses grow and thrive. Heather strongly believes that Apple Street Market is a good thing for Northside because the market will increase food options for locals who have struggled with minimal options in the past.  One of her goals is that both high end and standard items will be made available.