Thank You, Volunteers!

Thanks so much to those who came out to Apple Street Market’s volunteer meeting this week. We had a great meeting. We even gained two new owners!

If you missed it and would like to see our latest news, important updates, and opportunities to get involved, check out the presentation. And keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer sign-ups.

Our supporters had some great questions, and we’d like to share a few:

  • Will the store have affordable food?

    • Yes. We have partnered with a wholesale supplier (AWG, also a co-op!) that provides high quality food at prices competitive with the discount chains. (There will be name brands, organic, and local food as well).
  • How will the store be different from the Clifton Market?

    • Apple Street Market will serve the unique needs of our diverse neighborhoods, providing a full-service grocery with a wide array of foods at multiple price points.
    • We are a consumer- and worker-owned cooperative (backed by Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative), so our employees will be well-trained and highly invested in creating the best store possible.
  • Will the store be accessible by bus?

    • Yes. The market is currently a block from a bus stop, and will soon be just down the street from the new bus hub (more info coming soon).
    • Here is an article on the Northside Transit Hub.
  • Why will this store succeed when the Save-a-Lot shut down?

    • We have a strong business plan. The Save-a-Lot did make a profit, just not enough profit for that chain. We don’t have that same “super-profit” expectation. As someone said at the meeting, this is about providing food for our neighborhoods – no one is trying to get rich!
  • Will the store be environmentally sustainable?

    • Yes. The store will be built for energy efficiency, offer organic and local options, and members will have constant input about green initiatives.
  • What is taking so long?

    • A few changes in the design and funding structure. We’ve now designed the store and gone through the permitting process. The city should be delivering the $515,000 dollars to transfer the store into NEST’s hands within the next few weeks. We’ve been raising a lot of other funds as well. Once that financing is in place, we should be ready to get bids from contractors this year.