Date: September 19th, 1-2 PM

Location:  Virtual

Purpose: Dissolution Discussion and Vote

Sadly, the Apple Street Market Board does not see a path to opening Apple Street Market cooperative. Our supporters worked hard to find an alternate location, however, there are no financially viable sites in our area for this project. Community members are developing an alternative Buying Club, but that initiative cannot operate under Apple Street Market bylaws. It is with heavy hearts that Apple Street Market board members voted unanimously to legally dissolve Apple Street Market. Part of that dissolution process is a vote by owners. At the meeting, we will discuss the project status and hold the vote on dissolution.


  • Check-ins. Verified owners receive a voting card.
  • Connection exercise
  • Update about the project and the reason for the vote. 
  • Questions and Discussion Vote

Vote language:

I approve the dissolution of Apple Street Market
I oppose the dissolution of Apple Street Market

The Apple Street Market board voted unanimously to begin the dissolution process at our July 2021 meeting for the following reasons:

1. Supporters cannot find a path to open a financially viable worker- and community-owned grocery. The two viable locations in our area are not currently available for Apple Street Market.
2. Apple Street Market also has debts and liabilities that must be addressed. If we dissolve now, we can return loans that have been waiting in escrow for the project to start, we may be able to pay back 10/20% of loans that have been disbursed and used, at least partially, for expenses in opening the store.
3. We are very supportive of the development of a buyers club to bring food access to our area. Those efforts cannot use our articles of incorporation.

To read more information on the dissolution here

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