Do you know Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market in Cheviot? Well they’re talking about Apple Street in their newsletter! Thanks for your support and YES Apple Street Market Coop is not only for Northsiders! Ownership is open to anyone and everyone will be welcome to shop at the store!

Below if our featured article, read the full newsletter here.


Building Communityships
As the name Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market implies, our main focus is to help everyone have access to healthy food.  In order for everyone to be able to Eat Well, it will take a joint effort of local producers, farmers’ markets, and even retail establishments to reach the populace.  To accomplish this, it is important to connect with others who are working toward these same goals, thus making the building of the necessary infrastructure more doable.  One way to do this is by building Communityships.

Communityships is a term coined by one of the Co-managers of our market.  As the word implies, building communityships involves reaching out to a broader circle in order to develop relationships with other communities.  In that vein, we invited Heather Sturgill to write a guest article for our newsletter.  Heather, along with many others, is working tirelessly to make Apple Street Market in Northside a reality.  Following are excerpts from Heather’s article and the Apple Street Market website.

The Apple Street Market will be a full service grocery store located in the former Save-A-Lot building in Northside.  Affordable fresh produce, assorted deli items, quality meats and dairy, and a variety of foods will be available. This new grocery will be a place where everyone feels welcome.
Owned by its workers and the community,  Apple Street Market will eventually be one of a network of neighborhood grocery stores in low food access areas.

Apple Street Market’s business structure ensures more money is circulated within the community, and Greater Cincinnati region.  When the store starts making a profit and distributing dividend payouts ($$$) to Worker and Community Owners, ALL of that $$$ will be recirculating in the community, because ALL the dividends will go to people that either work in the store or shop in the store.  (Dividend payouts to Community Owners are based on “Patronage rebates”…a portion of what they spend in the store is returned to the Community Owner.) 

To open the store we need $1.5M.

As of February 26, 2015 we have:

  • $100,000 from Large Donors (Grant from Interact for Health);
    ·       $55,400 from selling 554 Community Owner Shares;
    ·       $35,000 Individual Donors/Lenders
    ·       $100,000 Contributed improvements
    ·       $1,000,000 Loan from Cincinnati Development Fund (when we reach our goal of 1,500 Community Owners)One does not need to live in Northside to become an owner of Apple Street Market.  Ownership is open to all.  The cost to become a Community Owner of the Apple Street Market is only $100, an investment that keeps on giving back to you and the community.  And, Apple Street Market will carry a large variety of locally produced items.  What a great way to participate in Building Communityships.  For more information about Apple Street Market or to become a Community Owner you may visit their website