The Apple Street Market was going to be a full service grocery store located in the former Save-A-Lot building in Northside (4145 Apple St.).  Affordable fresh produce, assorted deli items, quality meats, and dairy, and a variety of foods will have been available. This new grocery was going to be a place where everyone felt welcome —owned by its workers and the community. Apple Street Market was going to eventually be one of a network of neighborhood groceries in low food access areas.

Our Vision: This business was going to eventually be one of a family of neighborhood groceries — all committed to creating an affordable, innovative grocery option, along with providing family sustaining job opportunities.

Start-up Process:  The launch of this grocery was being guided by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative (Co-op Cincy). Co-op Cincy is a non-profit organization that partners with organizations and individuals to create worker-owned businesses and support business models that focus on building an economy that works for all.

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative:  This business model brings together two groups: Community Owners and Worker Owners in a democratic way, for the benefit of both. Community gets a stable business that is more responsive to their wants and needs that won’t abandon the neighborhood. Workers get training in business best practices, more input in business decisions and workplace environment, and more equitable wages.

In Sep. 2021, Owners voted to dissolve Apple Street Market