Check out all the Press for Apple Street Market!




Cooperative Grocer’s in-depth article about Apple Street Market and the CUCI cooperative network.


City Beat’s article about Clifton Market mentions Apple Street Market (5/13/15):


Some Apple Street love in the Northsider (March 2015):


City Beat’s write-up of the Littlefield mentions its March “Apple Street Coop-tail” fundraiser (3/25/15):


Apple Street was featured as a highlight in the ‘Lettuce Eat Well Farmer’s Market” Newsletter (3/13/15):


Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) discusses Apple Street Market here (1/15/15):


Cincinnati Business Courier did a nice write-up about Apple Street Market here (12/31/14): 


Casey Whitten-Amadon discusses Apple Street’s efforts in the Northsider (12/14):


An Apple Street Update in the Northsider (11/8/14):


A nice little write-up about food deserts and how Apple Street Market plans to address them (11/4/14):


Apple Street Market’s 50/50 Fundraiser with PAR Projects is mentioned here (9/22/14):


Soap Box Media did a nice write up about Apple Street Market here (9/21/14):


The Northsider did a nice write up about Apple Street here (8/17/14):

Apple Street’s Parking Lot party reported here: (7/17/14)



Apple Street’ Market’s Kristen Barker on Local 12 “Newsmakers”: (starts at 17:32)


David Richins produced a video to tell The Apple Street Story:


Apple Street at the Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit: (starts at 16:24)