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Articles:’s article about Cincinnati City Council passing funding for NEST to aquire 4145 Apple Street:  Northside, Westwood among winners at last Cincinnati City Council meeting (December 20, 2017)

City of Cincinnati’s recording of Cincinnati City Council unanimously approving aquisition funding for Northside’s redevelopment organization (NEST) to purchase 4145 Apple Street. Start at 1:07:00- 1:20:00: Cincinnati City Council Meeting (December 20, 2017)

City Beat’s in-depth overview of the Northside’s push to get the city to put 4145 Apple Street property into the hands of the neighborhood redevelopment organization, NEST: Neighborhood groups want to revitalize a former grocery store in the heart of Northside. Will the city chip in? (November 11, 2017)

Cooperative Grocer’s in-depth article about Apple Street Market and the CUCI cooperative network.


City Beat’s article about Clifton Market mentions Apple Street Market (5/13/15):


Some Apple Street love in the Northsider (March 2015):


City Beat’s write-up of the Littlefield mentions its March “Apple Street Coop-tail” fundraiser (3/25/15):


Apple Street was featured as a highlight in the ‘Lettuce Eat Well Farmer’s Market” Newsletter (3/13/15):


Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) discusses Apple Street Market here (1/15/15):


Cincinnati Business Courier did a nice write-up about Apple Street Market here (12/31/14): 


Casey Whitten-Amadon discusses Apple Street’s efforts in the Northsider (12/14):


An Apple Street Update in the Northsider (11/8/14):


A nice little write-up about food deserts and how Apple Street Market plans to address them (11/4/14):


Apple Street Market’s 50/50 Fundraiser with PAR Projects is mentioned here (9/22/14):


Soap Box Media did a nice write up about Apple Street Market here (9/21/14):


The Northsider did a nice write up about Apple Street here (8/17/14):

Apple Street’s Parking Lot party reported here: (7/17/14)



Apple Street’ Market’s Kristen Barker on Local 12 “Newsmakers”: (starts at 17:32)


David Richins produced a video to tell The Apple Street Story:


Apple Street at the Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit: (starts at 16:24)