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Attend City Council’s Neighborhoods Committee – Monday, Nov. 13th, 2pm (801 Plum St., 3rd fl.) /
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Right now, Cincinnati City Council members can sponsor and vote for a motion to finance the purchase of 4145 Apple Street by NEST using Community Development Block Grant monies earmarked for turning empty buildings into new commercial properties. This is the last bit of funding needed to make NEST the owners of 4145 Apple Street.
This is a win-win:
It makes NEST the owner of a critical neighborhood property that has a shovel-ready very enthusiastic tenant (Apple Street Market!), with a strong business plan.
It brings critical development money to Northside and South Cumminsville to support a mission of food access and good jobs…in contrast to other development projects, many happening downtown that support luxury condos, apartments.

or call City Council Members

David Mann 513-352-4610
Kevin Flynn 513-352-4550
Amy Murray 513-352-3640
P.G. Sittenfeld 513-352-5270
Christopher Smitherman 513-352-3464
Charlie Winburn 513-352-5354
Wendell Young 513-352-3466
Yvette Simpson 513-352-5260
Chris Seelbach 513-352-5210