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A Brief Overview

Apple Street Board Initiated Dissolution Process

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Owners Vote to Dissolve Apple Street Market

We know that the news of the dissolution vote is disappointing to Apple Street Market supporters, below we provide some details to keep you informed about the process. On September 19, 2021, Apple Street Market owners voted to …

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Apple Street Market Owners Meeting

Date: September 19th, 1-2 PM Location:  Virtual Purpose: Dissolution Discussion and Vote Sadly, the Apple Street Market Board does not see a path to opening Apple Street Market cooperative. Our supporters worked hard to …

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Important Apple Street Market update

In spite of hundreds of people pouring their time, talent, and treasure into this project, it didn’t pan out. Nothing great comes without risk, and yet it is heartbreaking this vision for fresh food access for the people and by …

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Board of Directors

INITIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Under the bylaws of Apple Street Market Cooperative, there shall be an initial Board of Directors chosen by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative until the membership classes reach capacity. As defined in the bylaws, the Community-Owner class shall reach capacity when one hundred (100) members have vested and the Worker-Owner Class shall reach capacity when seven (7) Worker-Owners have vested. Additionally, there shall be a Founder seat chosen by the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative to maintain the unique governance and social values of the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative. However, the Founder shall be prohibited from profiting from Apple Street Market Cooperative except through being a Community-Owner with no special privileges.

Board of Directors